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Groups Eye Lawsuit To Overturn Permit 
for Denver Water's Proposed Tallest Dam in
The History Of Colorado

On Thursday, July 6, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers gave a permit for Denver Water's proposed massive Gross Dam expansion in Boulder County which would further drain and deplete the Colorado River of nearly five billion gallons of water every year (15,000 acre feet).


The proposed dam would be the tallest in the history of Colorado, at 471 feet, and be the biggest construction project in Boulder County history. Regional environmental groups as well as hundreds of homeowners in the area of the proposed dam strongly oppose the project (which is formally called the "Moffat Collection System Project") and are eyeing a lawsuit to overturn the Army Corps' decision.

You can read a good article on this in the Sunday, July 9th edition of the Daily Camera. 

TEG will be joining Save the Colorado and other groups in a lawsuit against this project that would be so devastating to our neighborhoods. Our team is already active in writing a legal filing although we expect several months of work before formal action is taken.


TEG is developing an exciting new website to host information on this fight. Once it is live you will be sent an email asking you to respond if you still wish to receive these news bulletins. In the meantime, pleased consider donating to our Legal Defense Fund. Lawsuits cost money!

You can make a tax deductible contribution to help us in the fight for our neighborhoods and against a wasteful water project...

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In our legal suit we will make the case that the Corps' decision violates the National Environmental Policy Act and the Clean Water Act because:

  1. Denver Water doesn't need more water. In fact, Denver's water use has gone down, not up and is predicted to continue declining.
  2. The Colorado River and the streams in Grand County that feed it are already severely depleted and predicted to be further dried and drained due to climate change.
  3. The Corps' decision completely failed to analyze any less environmentally damaging alternative that didn't propose to expand the dam and further drain the river, including focusing more on water conservation.
  4. The construction project would have massive negative impacts in Boulder County including creating tens of thousands of semi-truck trips on the curvy mountain roads leading up to the dam, blowing up and pulverizing a nearby mountain for cement, clear-cutting 200,000 trees, horrendous noise echoing over the mountain valley, and many others for at least five years.

 "We believe the Army Corps has violated the law," said Gary Wockner of Save The Colorado who is leading a coalition of groups to fight the project. "Denver Water doesn't need the water, the Colorado River is already severely drained and depleted, and the people of Boulder County don't want the project. The courts need take a hard look at this decision."

The Army Corps' decision was made in the Omaha office which is the same office that recently made the permit decision for Standing Rock, a decision which was overturned by a federal court on June 14, 2017 because it also violated the National Environmental Policy Act.

"Every American river deserves its day in court and the Colorado River deserves the best legal defense we can give it," continued Wockner.

             We can use all the help we can get supporting this effort.

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