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Friends of the Foothills


The Friends of the Foothills is a Colorado non-profit organization, founded in February, 1999, by a number of foothills area residents who had been active in land use issues, as well as homeowner and other civic organizations. Our goal is to preserve the natural heritage lands and the rural character of the scenic Foothills Highway Corridor (SH 93) from Golden to the Boulder County line. This area has been identified as one of Colorado’s remaining Crown Jewel Open Lands (Denver Post editorial, June 11, 2000) a priority for preservation.

CINQ - Citizens Involved in the Northwest Quadrant

logo-cinqCINQ is a citizen's group that is seeking realistic traffic solutions for the Northwest Quadrant.  CINQ supports the conservation of the unique character, historic, and natural values of the Northwest Quadrant. We do not receive funding from any government entity. Based on independent studies and a DRCOG recommendation, we support improvements to SH93 and Indiana-McIntyre to 4 lanes . This solution is the best option because it provides the best mobility for less cost. While many say there is no money for improvements, the real problem is our elected officials fail to advocate for improvements to these roads. Rather, toll road proponents take the easy way out by selling our infrastructure to private, foreign companies, and agreeing to congestion guarantees (non-compete agreements) on our public roads. The worst part of this toll road is its strict intent to be an engine for sprawl and development in Jeffco and Arvada. There has never been a demonstrated need for this connection, and there will be little transportation benefit to Jeffco and Arvada residents. Those who live in Arvada will realize the full negative effects with more congestion on neighborhood roads as drivers avoid the toll.